20 Years Of High-End PCB Assembly

We manufacture your printed circuit board assembly across Canada

Brant Co Technologies

Providing Cost-Effective Prototype Assembly in Canada

Brantco Technologies is a small to medium run PCB Assembly company. We offer a cost-effective prototype assembly. We have been serving a variety of clients across Canada. Our experts have over two decades of experience.

Brant Co Technologies

Seamless Prototype Assembly

We strive to react with quick responsiveness to our clients and simultaneously deliver seamless prototype assembly on the given day.

At Brantco Technologies, we ensure to provide our clientele with unique processes along with our instant customer services. Our team has the expertise and experience in offering top-level quality assembly to our clients.

Innovative Solutions

  • We offer modern and innovative solutions.
  • We take your unique PCB designs.
  • We prepare the design for the assembly process.
  • We perform comprehensive testing to ensure that the designs meet your precise performance needs.
Brant Co Technologies